SDL4R is a SDL parser for Ruby.

Compatible with version 1.3 of the SDL syntax.
The current version is v0.9.8.

Find versions for Java, C#, C++, etc, at Ikayzo.

  • Next step: v1.0, fast emitter
  • 26-dec-2010: v0.9.11 is out!
    • SDL4R.load() / SDL4R.dump(), serialization
    • new pull parser implementation
    • TZInfo support
    • easy Time support
  • 19-nov-2010: v0.9.9 is out.
  • 16-sep-2010: v0.9.8 is out.

The Simple Declarative Language provides an easy way to describe lists, maps, and trees of typed data in a compact, easy to read and type-aware representation. For property files, configuration files, logs, and simple serialization requirements, SDL provides a compelling alternative to XML and Properties files.


SDL uses a syntax based on tags (like XML) to represent structured data.

SDL is type-aware:
  • unicode strings,
  • numbers (including big decimals),
  • booleans,
  • dates,
  • datetimes,
  • time spans (e.g. 12:14:42 for 12 hours, 14 minutes and 42 seconds),
  • binary (base 64)
  • null.

More information about the SDL language there: Language Guide.


gem install sdl4r
Alternatively, you can get the source from Ikayzo.
SDL4R has been tested on Ruby (1.8.7, 1.9.1, 1.9.2) and JRuby (1.5.6 --1.8).


GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1

Source Version Control

For now, the source code is hosted by Ikayzo. If it is necessary, we'll manage an anonymous access. You'll find the whole project in the source archive.



Don't hesitate to send your comments to
# SDL Example

folder "myFiles" color="yellow" protection=on {
    folder "my images" {
        file "myHouse.jpg" color=true date=2005/11/05
        file "myCar.jpg" color=false date=2002/01/05
    folder "my documents" {
        document "resume.pdf" size=2953 \
            timestamp=1989/8/12 15:23:12.234-JST

Basic Usage:
require 'sdl4r'

top = SDL4R::load(<<-EOS)
  food name="chili con carne" {
    ingredient "beans"
    ingredient "chili"
    ingredient "cheese"
    score 8.9

puts # >> "chili con carne"
puts # >> ["beans", "chili", "cheese"]
puts # >> 8.9

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